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Kaimuki Evangelical Church

Church at Honolulu, Honolulu, HI 96816

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Address Honolulu
HI 96816
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  • This neighborhood church no longer exists but in its hey-day (1967-1985) worship services were full to overflowing. I served as its senior minister in those years. This church produced 5 ordained ministers all currently active: Warren Nakano, Wade Mansfield, Mitchell Young, Sharon Inake, and Dale Vallejo-Sanderson. The church had its beginning as the Kaimuki Bible Training School founded by the Rev. Dr. Chet Terpstra, and it became the Kaimuki Evangelical Church under the Rev. Robert C. Loveless. When I became pastor, I rearranged the pews into U-shape, introduced guitars and contemporary worship music.

    Added August 08, 2018 by Rev. Ron Ching
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